Ready Set Holiday! X Unsplash

Beautiful App Backgrounds ?


This Autumn, Ready Set Holiday! got a brand new update: Unsplash pictures as backgrounds for your holiday countdown.

Unsplash is a collection of thousands of beautiful, high-quality pictures. These pictures are available for free and from now on, you can select them as backgrounds for your holiday countdown, directly from the app.

We always aim to help you plan your holidays easier but also to keep you happy and inspired until your holiday starts. We believe integrating this new way of adding backgrounds will make it fun and easy for you to have a beautiful, inspiring countdown to look at every time you open the app.

The new update is available on the Ready Set Holiday! iOS and Android apps. To enjoy the new feature, update the app to the latest version and go to settings where the Unsplash option will appear. Then, search for any kind of background pictures for your countdown such as destinations, abstract pictures, patterns or inspirational photos.

Start the countdown for your the next holiday in style! ?

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