Biggest Parties for New Year’s Eve

Biggest Parties for New Year’s Eve

There are a lot of choices when it comes to parties for New Year’s Eve. Starting from crowded street parties to fancy gatherings, you can choose your kind of fun wherever you want. Moreover, you can witness other countries’ culture and try out new things.

Are you ready? Here are some of the world’s biggest parties for New Year’s Eve.

Biggest Parties for New Year’s Eve

1. New York

New Year’s Eve in New York’s famous Times Square sounds like a lot of fun, doesn’t it? There is a passing fee for the massive street party but most of the bars are open to everyone who registers, plus you can see world-famous artists performing.

See more details here or book your ticket right now -> New York City Times Square New Years Eve Celebration

Biggest Parties for New Year’s Eve

2. Las Vegas

Another city that knows how to throw a good party! In Vegas, you will find definitely have a memorable New Year. There are taking place celebrations in the clubs but also on the street, where you will see famous DJs, top performers, jaw-dropping fireworks and laser shows.

What else do you need? A list of activities from where you can choose -> New Year Activities in Las Vegas

Biggest Parties for New Year’s Eve

3. Sydney

New Year’s Eve on a boat? Yes, you can also party on a boat for New Year’s Eve. Or, you can choose events with spectacular views, such as those taking place at the Royal Botanic Garden or at the La Bohème Gala (Opera House). More than a million people gather yearly to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Sydney. Are you going to be one of them?

Biggest Parties for New Year’s Eve

4. Edinburgh

People from more than 70 countries come to Edinburgh to celebrate New Year’s Eve. The 3-day festival consists of live music, parties, theatre and more. Plus, if you go to Edinburgh you can visit the famous Loch Ness and the Scottish Highlands.

Or go to an already planned itinerary -> 4-Day Edinburgh’s Hogmanay New Year Break

Biggest Parties for New Year’s Eve

5. London

Fireworks on the Thames, black tie dinners in numerous pubs, endless parties and also a parade. London is definitely prepared for the New Year’s Eve!

*To watch the fireworks over the Thames you need a ticket.

Biggest Parties for New Year’s Eve

6. Berlin

Every year a massive open-air party takes place in Berlin for New Year’s Eve. There is no admission fee and there are lots of concerts taking place between Brandenburg Gate and Victory Column.

At midnight the fireworks start off and after 30 minutes the party begins. Artists such as Jermaine Jackson, DJ BoBo, Marianne Rosenberg, Rainhard Fendrich, Max Giesinger or Bonnie Tyler perform will perform this year.

If you arrive early, search for attractive activities here!

Biggest Parties for New Year’s Eve

7. Paris

Spending New Year’s Eve at the famous Eiffel Tower or Champs Elysées sound like a good plan, right?

Even though there is no official event organized at the Eiffel Tower, you can head up to see the smaller fireworks lighting up nearby and to admire the celebrating city. The real fun begins at the Champs Elysées, where you can admire the Tower’s light show, or head under the Arc De Triomphe, where there is held a special event. Clubs, such as Moulin Rouge or cruises on the Seine are also available.

Biggest Parties for New Year’s Eve

8. Vienna

Usually, in Vienna, there are 2 major events, at the City Hall Square and at Prater. There are several concerts taking place, but also entertainment shows, operas and waltz lessons during the day. At midnight fireworks are displayed at both locations and the parties start. You can opt to party on a boat cruise over the Danube or inside at a special party.

Search below for more options and get ready for the fun!

Biggest Parties for New Year’s Eve

9. Amsterdam

The official celebrations take place at Oosterdok, the place usually gets crowded early so you’ll have to arrive in time to catch good spots to see the magical fireworks.

There are several unofficial parties taking place in the main squares of the city, where people gather to listen to music and have fun in the beer tents. Another event taking place in Amsterdam, during this celebration, is the famous ice dip in the North Sea. Even if you don’t go in the icy sea, you can get to watch others and get in the party mood for the night!

Don’t forget to buy some oily balls in time, so you can eat them at midnight. According to Dutch tradition, these will to ward off evil spirits throughout the year.

10. Reykjavik

If you wish for the “real” winter fun, then Reykjavik is the place to be! You’ll get to admire the beautiful snow & the northern lights, enjoy the lagoon spas and attend a citywide party. The whole city gathers at the Cathedral, where they share a meal with their family and they light up bonfires to burn away the previous year’s troubles. People usually dress up as elves and trolls while enjoying drinks.


These are the biggest parties for New Year’s Eve worldwide. Where are you going to spend New Year’s Eve?

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