Christmas markets in Europe ?

Christmas Markets in Europe

Christmas markets in Europe are opening soon and if you are planning to explore at least one of them you should start planning where to go.

We’ve gathered a few places where you can get into the magical spirit of Christmas. Check them out below! ?

Colmar, France

The most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe can be found in Colmar. The Christmas fairs from the city start on the 23rd of November when all the city is transformed into a magical place.

Five Christmas markets are set up, each one recreating a mini-village. One of them being organized specially for children. They can taste warm apple juice, ride a horse & send their letters to Santa Claus. Feeling the magic of Christmas yet? ?

The whole city is in celebration for 5 weeks. There are multiple open-air events taking place at the markets such as exhibitions, concerts or fairy tale stagings. Moreover, Colmar’s Christmas Markets were voted the 3rd best ones in Europe.

Over 180 stalls can be found in Colmar during this time. All its salesman being carefully selected by the uniqueness of their products. You can taste traditional food and seasonal sweets, buy winter themed artworks and decorations. ?

Vienna, Austria

Christmas spirit is very much loved and celebrated. During this time of the year, many cities are decorated beautifully with Christmas trees & lights.

One of the top destinations when it comes to going to Christmas markets in Europe is the capital city. Several Christmas markets take place near the most important landmarks in Vienna. ?

The most famous one is the “Magic of Advent” laying in the City Hall Square of Vienna. It starts on November 17 and you will find an ice skating rink and carousels which are the highlights of the market. Besides these, you can shop lots of Christmassy goodies while listening to live music. ?

At the markets you can shop beautiful gifts for your beloved ones, Christmas decorations and handcrafted goodies. There are numerous stalls with traditional food, sweets and drinks served at this time of the year.

If you are wandering around the markets with your kids you can find special workshops where they can learn how to make cookies, candles and Christmas decorations. ?

Budapest, Hungary

Starting from the 9th of November lots of wooden stalls with unique Christmas products fill the Vorosmarty Square turning the heart of Budapest into a festive fair.

Until the 1st of January, you can enjoy around 160 programs prepared both for you and your children. At the workshops, you can learn to make fruit garlands, scented candles, greeting cards, Christmas decorations and toys. ?

Tasting the traditional Hungarian Christmas dishes and sweets such as stuffed cabbage, goulash, langos, honey cookies or the famous Sekler cake is a must.

There is also an official Christmas mug collection. You can find the red and white colored mugs at every stall with mulled wine and hot tea and you can make a collection of 3.

Music is played at two stages and puppet shows can be watched during the weekends. On the 6th of December the original Santa Claus From Finland comes to the winter trade, where he expects the children. ?

Berlin, Germany

One of the most beautiful squares of Berlin gets its Christmassy looks on the 26th of November. The Weinachtszauber at Gendarmenmarkt is the traditional type of Christmas Market, being popular for its many handmade vendors and traditional dishes. Live music is played and there are hot tents with serving so you won’t get cold. ❄

There are several markets in the city center and around the landmarks of Berlin, each one offering a different kind of experiences. If you love ice skating the trade from Roten Rathaus is for you. Alexanderplatz is the place for adventure seekers, having many amusement rides. ??

The fair form Charlottenburg is really lovely. The castle is already charming itself and at Christmas time, the decorations make it even more beautiful.

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