Epic Summer Holiday You’ll Always Remember

Planning an Epic Summer Holiday

Planning an epic summer holiday can be challenging. First, you want to choose a destination that promises both sun and fun. It’s important to enjoy relaxing activities but also to get the thrill of exploration.

Second, if you’re looking for an epic holiday you have got to make sure the destination suits your needs and wishes. We’ve made our research and came up with 7 destinations we believe will ensure experiences you will hold dear all your life. Check them out below and plan a trip to remember!

Thailand - Epic summer holiday

1. Thailand

You might be wondering from all the places in the world, why should you choose a place so far? Well, there are several reasons to go to Thailand, but let’s start with its stunning nature. Thailand has amazing scenery, the country is full of rainforests, wetlands and lush vegetation. This tropical vibe is really amazing to experience, it is very relaxing and you can totally “dive into” holiday mode.

Another fact to consider when thinking of booking an epic summer holiday for you and your family is the weather. Next come the prices and of course, most importantly, the activities you can do when you arrive. Thailand is perfect considering all these points of view. 

There are 3 major seasons, all of which ensure sunshine and beach days. If there are rain showers, they only last a couple of hours and they usually take place in the afternoon. If the weather is good, that means you can enjoy plenty of time visiting the temples and finding out more about Thai culture. While you’re there, enjoy the warm weather to the fullest and try out diving on one of the many sites. 

Don’t be afraid to taste the food from markets or street vendors. It is said to be among the best street food in the world. The fresh ingredients, spicy and sour flavours will take you to an amazing culinary journey. 

Finally, book a holiday in Thailand, if you are looking for an epic summer experience. The country is cheaper than many other summer destinations so it is easier to experience new things. Moreover, if you are travelling with kids, it will game-changing for them. You will enjoy together the amazing scenery, beaches, Thai massages and super friendly people.

Fiji - Epic summer trip

2. Fiji Islands

In Fiji, every day is a beach day (consider this whenever you’re booking your summer holiday and you’ll definitely have a great time). The island of Fiji is surrounded by clear blue waters, highlighted by amazingly beautiful beaches and tropical forests. This sounds like the definition of an epic summer holiday, right? 

There are more than 300 islands that you can explore. You can go island hopping and relax on your way on the deck of a boat. You will have a lot to explore, the islands have beautiful scenery. Also, you can experience the local culture and how life in tribes is. 

The water surrounding the islands is very clear and there are many diving sites. If you travel with kids and they are older than 10 years old, you can try diving together as they can earn a junior certificate. Other water sports should be on your list as well. Snorkelling, white water rafting or surfing are common activities on the island.  

If you want something different, you can go for a picnic on a secluded beach. Or you can disconnect from everything on a tropical hike. You can go on a hike and explore the Koroyanitu Heritage Park, for example. It takes roughly 4 hours to go up to Castle Rock from where you will get an amazing panoramic view.

Or, as a more relaxing activity, you can choose to visit the Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park. It takes about 2 hours to explore the whole park and you will find out a lot about the island’s history.

As for cuisine, you have try out Kokoda, one of their most famous dishes made with fresh fish. Other good choices are the grilled Mahi Mahi (deepwater fish and vegetables) or Rourou (dalo or taro leaves with coconut milk, served as a soup). Among the most used ingredients in Fijian cuisine are fresh local fish, coconut, sea grapes, taro, breadfruit. Yummy!

Las Vegas - Epic summer vacation

3. Las Vegas

Choose Vegas if you want to have an epic summer vacation. There are a lot of fun things happening – but most importantly staying – in Vegas. Not only you will have a lot of fun but you will also have the opportunity to have a few unique experiences.

Once you’re there, you can start by taking a picture at the famous Las Vegas sign (epic, right?) which has been there since 1959. Then, you can walk on the most famous street in Vegas, The Strip (Las Vegas Boulevard). Here, you will see a lot of resort facades which are replicas of famous international landmarks. A few examples are the Sphinx, the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower or the Trevi Fountain.

While you’re discovering The Strip, make sure to watch the famous Bellagio Fountain show. And, to ride the world’s largest Ferris wheel, the High Roller. Also, enjoy a relaxing Gondola ride at the Venetian hotel. Anyway, the best way to truly experience Las Vegas’s vibe is to walk The Strip both at day and at night.

Vegas is known for its epic shows so you should go see one while you’re on holiday there. Whether it’s a magic show, a music show or a drama show, you will be amazed. Among the most recommended ones are the shows from Cirque du Soleil, Mat Franco and Absinthe. 




If you’re travelling with kids, they will love to see the mermaids swim at the Silverton Aquamarine. So, make sure to go by when they are on schedule. Also, don’t forget to explore Downtown Vegas as well. This is the historic heart of the city, where you will find the famous Golden Nugget casino and the Mob Museum. 

And finally, to truly feel you’re on your summer holiday in Vegas, get pampered at one of the city’s flashy spas. Then, get ready to spend an epic night at the casinos.  

Budapest - Epic summer city break

4. Budapest

There are many things to do in Budapest, so if you decide to go on holiday here, get ready for an epic summer city break. To really feel the vibe of Budapest, start exploring the city by walking along the Danube. Start by visiting the Shoes on the Danube Memorial. This was built in the memory of the Jews who were shot at the edge of the Danube by the Arrow Cross militiamen during World War II. 

Then, continue  until you arrive at the impressive Parliament building laying on the Kossuth Square, facing the Danube. The Parliament is clearly the highlight of Kossuth Square as the gothic elements of the building and the view of the Danube combines.

Don’t forget to explore Castle District. The highlights are the Matthias Church, & Fountain, the Fisherman’s Bastion, the Habsburg steps, the House of Houdini and the Royal Palace. Besides Castle District, you should visit Saint Stephen’s Basilica. In the impressive church lays the mummified right hand of the first king of Hungary, St. Stephen. 

You can enjoy a drink at Szimpla Kert, a pub with a very cool and relaxed atmosphere. As for other recommendations, you can try the food from BurgerMarket or Mazel Tov, a restaurant in the Jewish Quarter.

In summer, the weather is hot and just perfect for spending some time at the thermal baths. There are several thermal baths in the city, among the most famous ones are the Szechenyi Thermal Bath or the Gellert Thermal Bath.


5. Malaga

If you love the beach days, you’re interested in art and enjoy an occasional glass of wine, Malaga is the place for you. The city of Picasso is a great choice for families, groups and solo travellers. If you choose Malaga as your destination, you will definitely have an epic summer holiday as there is plenty of art to discover, lots of beaches to relax and a fair amount of activities to try out.  

Malaga is full of beaches and sunny days so you can start by exploring the Costa del Sol. There is 161 km of beaches to choose from. The closest one, however, is Playa de La Malagueta, which is 10 minutes far from the city. Although this is the most crowded beach, you will find anything you might need while you stay here.

Make sure you allocate time to explore the artsy part of the city. You can start by checking out Picasso’s Casa Natal, the house in which he spent time as a child. Here you can see how his early lifestyle was and you can check out a few of his early artworks. 

Another great place to see art is the Pompidou centre. The Pompidou Centre is located in the well-known El Cubo building and you can admire world-famous artworks from Frida Kahlo, Picasso, Francis Bacon and more.

Among other highlights of the city are the Alcazaba Moorish Fortress and the Roman Theatre. They are both located at the foot of Gibralfar Hill. And, another must-see is the Castillo de Gibralfaro. To see the castle, you have to go up the hill from where you will also get a great panoramic view of the city. 

As for food, once you are in Spain, tapas & wine are a must. You can taste this traditional Spanish snack at any tapas bar. Usually, it is served at noon or before dinner – take into account that in Spain, dinner is served between 9 and 11 p.m. Besides tapas, you can taste espetos at a local chiringuito (beachfront bar) or you can try out fresh food at Merkato Ataranzas.

6. Athens

Athens is a really good choice if you are looking for a great summer holiday that has a bit of everything. The Mediterranean vibes, the friendly locals and the fresh, tasty food will make your stay easily enjoyable. 

The weather in Greece in summer is usually hot and dry, so it makes it perfect for beach activities but also some visiting earlier in the morning or later in the evening.

Athens is right near the sea, so you can go to the beach and enjoy some activities or just relax and sunbathe. You can try to rent a boat as well and go snorkelling. As the water is very clear in Greece, you can easily see what’s below.

As for the sightseeing activities, if you want to find out as much as possible about the landmarks, you should book a guide. He will make sure you have a great time and will share all the relevant info with you. 

If you want to go by yourself, you should buy tickets online to skip the huge waiting line at the Acropolis. You should allocate about 2-3 hours for your visit the Acropolis and surroundings.


The Panathenaic Stadium is really impressive and you can find out a lot about it if you purchase an audio guide at the entrance. Make sure you have your own headphones if you are going to purchase an audio guide, the machines don’t come with headphones and the volume is not too loud on them without. 

To get a great view of the city you can go up to Lycabettus hill from where you can get a panoramic view of Athens. It is a 15-minute walk up or you can take the underground cable car. You can enjoy the view along with a nice meal and a glass of wine at the Lycabettus Hill Restaurant.

You will find a lot of nice restaurants on the Stairs of Plaka, as well. This place is right under the Acropolis, there are several restaurants where you can enjoy a meal. Also, there is a unique atmosphere as the restaurants are literally situated on the stairs of Plaka and you can look down and enjoy the buzz of the city. Try and taste the Greek moussaka, the Souvlaki and a sip of Ouzo, a traditional drink.

If you go to the airport by taxi or Uber, there is a standard fee of 30 Euros but you can also go by metro from 05.30 a.m until 00.30 a.m. Make sure you allocate enough time for this as the airport is 30 km from the city and it will take about 40-50 minutes by car and about 1 hour by metro from the city centre. 

Kotor - Epic summer holiday

7. Kotor

If you decide to spend your summer holiday in Kotor, you definitely won’t be disappointed. Kotor is an epic summer holiday destination that has it all: sea, mountains, history and good food. 

This charming city in Montenegro is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and no wonder, once you start exploring you will understand why. The cobblestone streets of the Old Town and the buildings will take you into a medieval atmosphere. Kotor is, however, known as one of the most well preserved medieval towns in this part of the Mediterranean. The only downside is that the city can get very crowded as cruise ships often stop here. 

Besides the charming medieval atmosphere, you will get a lot of spectacular views. The most amazing view of the bay you will get if you climb up to the San Giovanni Fortress. Make sure you take plenty of water with you as it can get very hot.

Another must see is the city of Perast, a 1000 years old town known for its beautifully preserved medieval look. Once you explored the town, take a boat and go to the nearest island where you will see the Lady of the Rocks. It is believed that the island was built rock by rock as sailors saw an image of Madonna and the Child so they started throwing a rock after every successful voyage.

While you’re here, visit the Blue Cave. Take a boat ride and enjoy the scenery. The boats can go in and they usually will give you a change to swim and snorkel to truly see the beauty of the caves. 

Another great way to spend the day in Kotor is to go on a boat ride on the Adriatic Sea. Get on a boat, lay back and relax while you enjoy the beautiful sea views. 

As for food, get ready to enjoy huge platters of it. You will find grilled meat in almost every restaurant in Kotor, also seafood and fish dishes. Start with a fish soup, try out their grilled meats and end your meal with a yummy Frustula (sweet cookie).

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