Frequently Asked Questions

You can plan unlimited holidays by unlocking the PRO version of the app. Just tap the “Add” button from the menu and set up your next trip.

Only one holiday at a time can be used if the PRO version is not unlocked.

First, make sure that both your destination and country box are filled in correctly. Then, if you are travelling to a small resort or village try to replace it with a bigger city nearby. Sometimes, the weather service might not recognize smaller locations.

iOS: Please open the ”Unlock full features” screen. Then, tap on ”Already purchased? Restore.” and your purchase will be restored.

Android:  Your purchase will be restored automatically.

To share a screenshot of your holiday countdown, tap on the share icon from the homepage or menu. Then, the app will create a screenshot of your holiday countdown, which you can post on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and all other apps on your device.

Please check your sharing permissions on your desired app before posting.

Yes, sure. A widget is available for PRO Users.

If you are a PRO User please go to your phone’s widget list and search for “Ready Set Holiday”.

On Android devices, the widget for Ready Set Holiday! might not work due to the battery optimization settings. These settings cause apps to stop working in the background to optimize battery life. This means some apps will not work properly until this setting is turned off. We don’t recommend turning off these settings for apps unless it causes them to not function properly.

To turn off battery optimization for Ready Set Holiday! please open your Settings → Device Maintenance → Battery → Battery usage. Then, on the upper right corner tap on the three-dot icon and select Optimise battery usage. Next, select All apps and scroll down until you find Ready Set Holiday!, tap on it and select Don’t optimize.

iOS: All refunds are handled by Apple. To get a refund, log in to your Apple account on a Mac/PC. Then, select Purchase History → Ready Set Holiday and tap on Report a Problem. Purchases older than 90 days are not eligible for refunds. Read more about getting a refund on iPhone here.

Android: If you would like to receive a refund for your purchase of the PRO version, please send us an email at with the transaction ID and transaction date of your purchase. Then, we can initiate a refund from Google’s Play Store for you.