Holiday Destinations for Foodies

Holiday Destinations for Foodies

Discover cities on a plate. ? If you love new experiences, traveling but most importantly discovering new dishes, this post is for you. Check out our destination for foodies below!
Ready - Holiday Destinations for Foodies

Florence, Italy

I am a convinced pasta lover, so for me, Italy, is the dream destination. Besides the sea, lovely beaches and small, chic cities, the Italian “diet” is perfect. A city break in Florence, where you can enjoy pasta and pizza with few ingredients but incredible taste, yum!
Plus, you can explore the region of Tuscany, admire its beautiful landscapes while you sip from a glass of excellent wine.
Holiday Destinations for Foodies

Provence, France

Cheese & wine are my second favorite thing, so Provence is next on the list. France’s cheese and wine culture are remarkable but so are its landscapes. You can explore the region on a food & wine tasting tour.
Holiday Destinations for Foodies

Seaside Greece

Greece has a culture of food sharing so if you’re traveling with friends, even better. My favorite dish from Greece was Bougiourdi — grilled cheese with hot peppers, tomatoes and olive oil. I also enjoyed very much the reinvigorating salads and the fish, which was extremely well cooked.
Holiday Destinations for Foodies

London, United Kingdom

English breakfast and 5 o’clock teas in the capital? Yes, please. Beans, sausage and bacon along eggs for breakfast might sound weird for some of us but it is definitely worth a try. Breakfast is even better when you have a cup of tea served with milk and a view of the capital’s streets.
Holiday Destinations for Foodies

Bangkok, Thailand

Crab omelette, fish soup, noodles with boiled eggs, spicy papaya salad are just a few of the dishes you can try in Bangkok. Their food culture is different but don’t be afraid to be bold. Bangkok is cheap and it has great street food.
Do you like these destinations for foodies? Where would you like to go? Tell us in the comments! ?
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