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Ibiza Island

As part of the Spanish Islands Series, we are covering the best of Ibiza Island. Ibiza is part of the Balearic Islands and it is known for its amazing parties. Besides the parties, Ibiza is a beautiful destination for a beach holiday and has a rich cultural side.

We found a few attractions and things to do on the island, check them out below.

Ibiza Island


Ibiza is a rock island, located east from Spain, in the Balearic Sea. The island is 5 times larger than Manhattan (New York) but 6 times smaller than Mallorca. Ibiza island is divided into 5 municipalities, Ibiza Town and Sant Antoni de Portmany. The latter is also one of the largest cities on the island.

Ibiza Island

The best time to visit

Starting from June the temperature is over 27° Celsius (80.6° Fahrenheit) and it lasts until September. Also, the season on Ibiza island opens in June and ends in September. So, if you don’t want to miss the sun and fun, then this is the best time of the year to visit the island.

If you want to explore the beauty of the island, you should visit Ibiza in the Spring or Autumn. During this time, both the coast and countryside are beautiful. Moreover, you can go cycling or walk around the island without all the buzz. Also, you can enjoy a recreational holiday on the island. The temperature in Spring and Autumn is between 18–23° Celsius (64.4°-73.4° Fahrenheit).

Ibiza Island

Unique experiences in Ibiza

Visit the Es Vedra Rock

Es Vedra is a mythical rock lying in the sea, 3 km from the Cala D’Hort coast. It offers a beautiful view of the sea and it is definitely an unique place to watch the sun set “under the sea”.

There are several myths about the rock, it is said to be the island of the sirens, but it is also believed that it is an outpost of the legendary city of Atlantis.

Hear about the legends on board, after snorkeling in the surrounding waters of Es Vedra and exploring its marine life.

Ibiza Island
Shop at the hippy market

On the eastern side of the island, in Es Cana resort, lays the famous hippy market from where you can buy different accessories, colorful clothes and lots of handmade goodies. You can also try out different activities and try out the specific food.


Ibiza Island
Experience the party life in Ibiza

Clubbing is definitely a highlight in Ibiza so there is a wide variety of choices when it comes to parties. There are day clubs and night clubs, and no matter how much money you are willing to spend, you will definitely find something that fits your budget.

Ibiza Island
Explore the cultural part of Ibiza

The old town of Ibiza, Dalt Villa, offers a cultural throwback to how Ibiza used to be. Dalt Villa is even more beautiful at night when all the city lights are decorating the old walls and the hilltop.

To make your tour more interesting, book a scooter and customize your route -> Ibiza Independent Scooter Tour with Rental

Ibiza Island
Take a trip to Espalmador

Espalmador is a small island south to Ibiza, where you can take a look at the nature reserve and its spotlight, the mud-bath.

Note that mud-bathing was prohibited and the area is protected by severe environmental laws. The island is private but access to tourists are permitted. There are several ferries heading to the island each day.

You can stretch your visit to the island into an all day experience, along snorkeling on the northern part of the Formentera island.

Ibiza Island

Tours and activities


If you are looking for a holiday to remember, this is it. Speed through the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and take a look at San Antonio bay from the sky.

Discover the island

Explore Ibiza’s highlights on a Vintage Vespa. Find out more about the island from your local guide.

Relax on a boat and watch the beautiful sunset

Bring your family & friends and sail around the Cala Salada. Explore the beaches, clear blue waters, wild cliffs of Ibiza and admire the sunset.

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