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The dreamy Tenerife Island is definitely a “yes” when it comes to the long-awaited holiday of the year. Deciding between major destinations from the Spanish islands might be hard. Not to mention, there are several smaller islands building the archipelago, all of them having unique characteristics.

The third island from the Spanish Islands series is the Island of Eternal Spring.

Tenerife island
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Tenerife Island is located in the Atlantic Ocean, very close to Africa but it belongs to the Canary archipelago. The Island of Eternal Spring is the most populated one in the Canary Islands, and also the most preferred by tourists.

Tenerife island

The best time to visit

Known as the Island of Eternal Spring, Tenerife has over 20º Celsius (68º Fahrenheit) even in winter.

At summer the temperature is very warm, it can get as high as 40º Celsius (104º Fahrenheit) but the average is 25º Celsius (77º Fahrenheit).

Starting from November until March the weather will be on your side so you can enjoy your holiday on the island. On the south of the island the temperature is usually warmer. From the third week of March you can sunbath and even swim in the sea, but the temperature can get lower so if you don’t want to miss the Sun, you better plan your holiday in August or September.

Tenerife island

Unique experiences on Tenerife Island

Tenerife island
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Swim in a natural pool

The pools of Garachico are one of the most attractive places from the island. They are the perfect way to relax and enjoy the beautiful views from the island.

Tenerife island
Check out the oldest Dragon tree

You can find Dragon trees all around the island, but this one is special. The tree is 18 meters high and it has almost 1000 years old.

Tenerife island
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Have some fun at the Siam Park

Siam Park was nominated #1 aqua park in Europe. It has lots of attractions so if you are looking for adrenaline, family time or you just want to relax Siam Park should be on the list.

Its highlight is the Tower of Power waterslide, having a 28-meter high structure and a top speed of 80 km/h.

Tenerife island
Visit the El Teide National Park and climb the volcano

Take a look at the Chinyero volcano, and after the trip, taste the famous wine from Tenerife and enjoy a traditional tapas dish.

Tenerife island
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Cueva del Viento

Explore the largest lava tube labyrinth in the world. It has a length of 27 km and a very narrow tunnel, so if you decide to take a look it will be an interesting experience.

Tenerife island
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Whale watching

Enjoy the island’s beautiful landscapes from a motorboat tour. You can also watch the dolphins and whales swimming in the ocean.

Tenerife island
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Tours and activities

Island tour

Visit the most interesting parts of the island through a guided tour – Tenerife Full Day Guided Tour

El Teide National Park

Go on a tropical forest-walk in the National Park of the island – Teide National Park Guided Quad Excursions in Tenerife


Take a look at the underwater life of the island along turtles – Guided Snorkeling with Turtles with Pictures in Tenerife – Tenerife

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