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Holiday Guide to Lanzarote Island

Lanzarote island is one of the most popular holiday destinations from the Spanish Islands. Lanzarote is known for its warm weather all year round, its beautiful beaches, volcanic landscapes and for being a good family holiday destination.

Read below about the island’s main attractions and find out all you need to know before you go!

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Located in the Atlantic Ocean, Lanzarote island is the most eastern, the third most populous and the fourth largest from the Canary archipelago.

Lanzarote Island

The best time to go

First, there is no bad time to go to Lanzarote island. Due to its average temperature above 20° Celsius degrees (68° Fahrenheit), you can visit the island comfortably in any season.

Second, the high season lasts from April to November when the temperature is above 23° Celsius degrees (73.4° Fahrenheit). But if you decide to go to Lanzarote in spring you will not find the island crowded. The temperature will be around 23–25° Celsius degrees.

Summer is best for family trips, there are lots of events on the island beside the warm weather. However, in autumn, the sea is warmer than in summer and there are fewer tourists.

Unique experiences on Lanzarote Island

Admire the Mountains Del Fuego from the Timanfaya National Park

Walk around the National Park which is made out entirely of volcanic soil: 3-Volcanoes Guided Walking Tour from Lanzarote.

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Discover the beauty of the Green Caves

The beautiful green caves of Lanzarote island are one of the longest volcanic tunnels in the world. There are located in the northern municipality of Haria and they were created about 3000 years ago. In fact, they used to be a secret hiding place from pirates.

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Spend some time at the Jardin de Cactus

Admire Lanzarote’s cactus garden, designed by the most influential architect from the island, Cesar Manrique. Notably, the Jardin de Cactus was his final project, on which he worked for 20 years.

Since 1990 there are over 1100 species of beautiful cactuses in the garden, which you can admire together with your family and friends. The entrance fee is €5 for adults and €2,5 for children.

Lanzarote Off-road Jeep Tour

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Surf at Famara

Famara beach is the surfer’s favorite spot in Lanzarote. Anyway, if you don’t know how to surf, you can learn right here! You can book a 4–5 hours lesson with hotel pickup, beach picnic for lunch and free drinks for €40. Wetsuits and rash vests are included too.

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Visit the San Jose Castle

Take a look at the island’s historic fortress and museum to find out more about Lanzarote island’s history. The fortress was built between 1776 and 1779. Mostly it was providing employment for the island’s inhabitants. Also, its role was to ensure a defensive stronghold in case of attacks.

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Enjoy the waves on the Conchas Playa

Fall in love with the island while enjoying your time at the turquoise waters of the Conchas Playa. ❤

Ride a camel

If you are looking for more exotic experiences, you can ride a camel through the volcanic slopes and winemaking region of the island.

Check out Tony’s experience during his trip:

Excellent tour, easy to book, on time, well organised and with a great tour guide who was informative and fun. The camel ride was hilarious as our camel wanted to overtake the leading camels, so good fun. The trip to the volcano was amazing, with some experiments and stunning views and scenery. Thank you!

Southern Lanzarote Day Trip

Tours and activities

Learn how to surf – Lanzarote Surfing Session

Walk up to the volcano – Volcano Monte Corona and Cliff Walking Tour

Spend a day at the aqua park – Aquapark Costa Teguise Entrance and Transfers

Discover the Lanzarote island while tasting local wine – Lanzarote Day Tour Including Wine Tasting

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