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Top Attractions in Bratislava

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia and also the economic and political centre of the country. There are several top attractions in Bratislava as it is considered to be a three-country destination. Moreover, the city has rich Hungarian and German influences, so it offers a wide diversity of culture and history to its visitors.

Maybe you are asking yourself “Why Bratislava?”. Well, as we heard, the answer is “because it’s all there”. The city has a rich history, lots of interesting landmarks to visit. Not to mention, there are many cultural and traditional facts waiting to be discovered by each visitor.

Again, Bratislava is a three-country destination also because it is very close to Vienna and Budapest. In fact, Bratislava and Vienna are the two closest capitals in the world. You can arrive in Vienna in only 60 minutes on the Danube and in Budapest in just over 2 hours.

Discover more facts and landmarks below.

top attractions in Bratislava

What to visit?

1. Main Square

First of all, the Main Square is not to be missed. The square is full of historical buildings, the oldest preserved gate still lays there since medieval times. Moreover, there are houses from the 14th and 15th century alongside with a fountain from 1563, when King Maximilian was crowned.

top attractions in Bratislava
2. Devin Castle

Second, the Devin Castle for an amazing view of the city. The Devin Castle is 10 km away from the city, just beside the Danube. At the present time, there are only ruins but the view from the castle is impressive.

top attractions in Bratislava
3. Blue Church

The Church’s official name is St. Elizabeth Church. Even though, it is known as the “little blue church”, its tower is 40 meters high. It was built between 1907–1908 and it served as a school chapel of the neighbouring high school.

top attractions in Bratislava
4. Slavin Memorial

To commemorate the Soviet Army’s efforts during World War II, the Slavin Memorial was built. The memorial is 50 meters high and it is built on a hill that overlooks the city. Moreover, it is the perfect place to see the sunrise in Bratislava.

top attractions in Bratislava
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5. Saint Michael Tower and Gate

The Saint Michael Tower & Gate is one of the top attractions in Bratislava. They were built in the 14th century, the tower has 7 floors and a terrace. Moreover, the whole city can be seen from the top of the terrace.

top attractions in Bratislava
6. Bratislava Castle — Hrad Castle

The entirely white Bratislava Castle was built in the 9th century. The castle can be seen from all around the city as it is located on the top of the Little Carpathian. Not to mention, there are four notable entrances: the Vienna Gate, the Sigmund Gate, the Nicholas Gate and the Leopold Gate.

top attractions in Bratislava
7. Slovak Radio Building

Because of its interesting architecture, the Slovak Radio Building is considered to be an important touristic attraction in Bratislava. As a matter of fact, the building has received a lot of criticism because it looks like an upside-down pyramid.

The interior was designed in 1984 and since then it has been left untouched. The building has a large concert hall inside and several music studios. Also, you can enjoy the view of the city from the cafe.

top attractions in Bratislava
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8. Primatial Palace

The highlights of the building are the statues from the rooftop. These represent the palace’s first occupant, Jozef Batthyányi’s qualities and achievements.

Here, you will find a rare collection of English tapestries. Not to mention, the famous Mirror Hall. Now, the Mirror Hall is used as a concert hall. Moreover, the Mirror Hall is an important landmark as the Treaty of Bratislava between Napoleon and Francis I was signed here.

In front of the Palace is a statue of St. George. Of course, the statue has a legend tied to it. Accordingly, on St. George’s Day, the statue turns around and bows in front of the residents of the city.

top attractions in Bratislava
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9. Famous Statues

Napoleon Army Statue
top attractions in Bratislava
top attractions in Bratislava
Schone Náci Statue
top attractions in Bratislava
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