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Top Attractions in Budapest

Budapest is one of Europe’s most enchanting capital cities. It is considered to be the pearl of the Danube because the river crosses the entire city. This view is decorated with numerous bridges over the Danube. All these bridges are top attractions in Budapest as they all have unique characteristics. Also, several islands lay on the Danube, making the city even more unique.

Budapest used to be divided into Buda and Pest, two smaller towns. These were united in the 19th century and formed the capital city of Hungary, Budapest. Read more below about the top attractions in Budapest.

The city highlights

1. Váci Street

This is one of the most famous pedestrian streets of the city. It is a top attraction in Budapest, being full of shops and restaurants.

top attractions in Budapest
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2. Bridges over the Danube

There are several bridges over the Danube, each one having its own history and beautiful structure.

• Árpád Bridge

• Margaret Bridge

• Chain Bridge

• Elisabeth Bridge

• Liberty Bridge

• Petőfi Bridge

• Rákczi Bridge

top attractions in Budapest
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3. Parliament

The Gothic Revival styled building was completed in 1904. The Parliament is situated on the banks of the Danube. In fact, it is the tallest building in Budapest and the largest in the country.

The Parliament was designed by Imre Steindl after an international contest was held to designate an architect. In 1885 began the construction of the building. The Parliament building was finished, in 1905, but sadly, its architect went blind.

top attractions in Budapest
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4. Kossuth Square

Another important highlight of the Kossuth Square is the Parliament building. And, of course, the beautiful view of the Danube.

top attractions in Budapest
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5. Fisherman bastion

The Fisherman Bastion is also located on the Bank of the Danube. The Bastion is one of the top attractions in Budapest. It has a beautiful architecture and offers an impressive view of the city from the top turrets. In fact, its 7 towers represent the 7 tribes which settled down on the country’s territory. Moreover, it is open 24/7 and there is an entrance fee only for the top turret visits, the rest of the bastion can be visited for free.

top attractions in Budapest
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6. Heroes Square

This is the main square in Budapest. There are many statues, all of them representing national heroes. Most of the statues dedicated to its 7 chieftains of Hungary and other important leaders alongside the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

top attractions in Budapest
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7. Gellért Hill

One of the most important landmarks on the Gellért Hill is The Citadel. Unfortunately, the Citadel was demolished after the Austro — Hungarian establishment. Mostly, there are ruins of a Habsburg fortification.

The Statue of Liberty also stands on the hill. Notably, it commemorates those who fought for the country’s independence.

Another significant point of interest for the city’s visitors is the Gellért Hill Cave. The Gellért Hill Cave is a chapel located in a network of caves.

8. Buda Castle

The Buda Castle was the home of the kings of Hungary. Nowadays, it is the home of Hungarian art. Moreover, the National History Museum is located in the southern wing of the building.

While, on the west wing, you can find the National Gallery and the National Library. Additionally, you can visit the Habsburg Steps and the Lion’s Gate and Courtyard. These steps connect the Buda Castle with the Chain Bridge.

top attractions in Budapest
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9. Opera House

The Hungarian State Opera House has the 3rd best acoustics in Europe and it is considered to be among the best operas in the world. Formerly, it was known as the Hungarian Royal Opera House.

In the front of the building are the statues of the most important Hungarian composers, Ferenc Liszt and Ferenc Erkel.

top attractions in Budapest
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10. Shoes on the Danube Bank

The Memorial is located south to the Parliament, on the Bank of the Danube. It stands in the memory of the Jewish people who were shot during World War II.

top attractions in Budapest
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11. Saint Stephen’s Basilica

The St. Stephen Basilica is one of the top attractions in Budapest. Notably, the Basilica is acclaimed for holding the mummified right hand of St. Stephen. As well as the Parliament, the Basilica is 96 metres tall.

To point out its importance, the Basilica has the same height as the Parliament. However, no other building in Budapest can be taller than 96 metres.

top attractions in Budapest
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Tours and activities

Get on a river cruise

Take a look at the city’s highlights from the Danube while you enjoy a nice meal -> Budapest Danube River Dinner Cruise

Take tram no. 2 along the Danube

You can take a mini sightseeing tour of the city by tram no. 2. In fact, tram no.2 is known as one of the best tramlines in Europe. Read more about it here.

Go on a city tour

Visit the city’s highlights and find out about its history is by taking a walking tour. Moreover, enjoy the city from a local’s perspective -> Private Walking Tour: Budapest City Highlights

Visit the Zoo and Botanical Garden

The zoo celebrates its 150th anniversary this year. You can find the list of species on their website, and you can also plan your trip here.

Go to the spa

Finally, enjoy a day at the biggest Thermal Bath in Europe, the Széchenyi Thermal Bath. There are 18 pools (3 indoor and 15 outdoor), saunas and massages available for a full relaxation -> Budapest Szechenyi Spa Entrance with VIP Massage

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