Berlin Photo Journal

We love traveling, discovering new places and traditions. An adventure is always welcomed, so we organize our team buildings in random European countries. A while ago, we visited Berlin, where we enjoyed a few days of sightseeing.
We’ve put together the Berlin photo journal to share with you our top experiences in the city. Check out where we’ve been wandering during our stay and what we loved about this city. ?

The Highlights of Our Trip to Berlin

Checkpoint Charlie

We started our city tour at Checkpoint Charlie, an important historical landmark in Berlin. This used to be the crossing point between the east and west side of the city during the Cold War.

Nowadays a lot of people come here to get a glimpse of how getting from one side of the city to the other might have been during those times. The crossing point is a small booth in the middle of a road surrounded by a few guards.


A large square full of shops, cafes and places to eat. Here lay two places of interest for tourists, the Weltzeituhr and the TV tower.

Both of them are interesting to see, the Weltzeituhr because of its unique design and the TV tower because of its impressive height.

We stopped at a stand at Alexanderplatz to taste the traditional German currywurst with fries, and it was delicious! ?

Museum Island

We walked along the Spree River and admired the beautiful museum buildings which lay on the banks. All of these are very tall and have beautiful architectural details.

Along the Spree banks, there are several musicians jamming as you walk by. You can see many terraces with deck chairs where you can relax and where people gather to talk & enjoy a drink.


We started the second day of our stay with a walk around the Tiergarten which embraces both the Victory Column, a war victory commemoration and the Bellevue Palace, the official residence of the President of Germany.

The Victory Column or Siegessaule is a 67 m tall column from where you can admire the city.

Berlin photo journal
Berlin photo journal
Potsdam Platz

At Potsdamer Platz, we visited the Holocaust Memorial and the Reichstag’s Building, where we took an audio tour to find out even more about the building & the city. It was nice to learn about the surrounding buildings and the city’s history.

The Reichstag’s Building has an impressive glass cupola on the top from where you can have a view of the city.

The interior has also a stunning design as it is decorated with lots of mirrors.

Brandenburg Gate

It was already dark when we got to the famous Brandenburg Gate, but the view was even more impressive. The sky was very blue and it highlighted the outstanding gate.

The East Side Gallery

Last, we visited the East Side Gallery, the longest section of the Berlin Wall. The wall is decorated with artworks from 100 artists.

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