Creative Ways to Use Your Travel Pictures

Whenever I travel, I take a lot of pictures but I never actually get to use them. Ok, I post some of them on social media but that’s about it. I like having pictures from all the places I travelled to because when I look at them, they take me right back and I love that feeling. 

From time to time, I take a trip down memory lane and remind myself of all the amazing adventures I had while I’ve been discovering new places or rediscovering old ones. I open my travel folder and go through the pictures I took on trips, just for fun.

Unfortunately, most of us won’t be able to travel for a while due to the COVID-19 outbreak, so I thought this was a good time to share some creative ideas that involve your coolest travel photos. These are also a good way to distract yourself with something fun if you are in self-isolation. 

To implement some of these ideas, you will need to print pictures. If you don’t have a printer, you can prepare the materials you have on hand and assemble them later on, when you’ll be able to print the pictures too. 

Check out below a few creative ways to display your travel pictures & let’s have some fun ?

Creative Ways to Use Your Travel Pictures

Put Your Travel Pics on a Map ?

Order online a world map and put it on your wall, on a board or in a place in your home where you would like to display it. Print your travel pics, gather your tickets, postcard and other items and pin them on the board.

Enjoy your cool room decor and memories map!

Creative Ways to Use Your Travel Pictures

Turn Your Instagram Into an Actual Display

Get your box of Christmas decorations (I’m not kidding) and take out your Christmas lights. Choose a place where you can fix them up and decide on the final shape. Check the picture above for inspiration. Another good place for this decor is the back of your door, for example, or somewhere above your office (to inspire you & bring happy thoughts).

Then, all you have to do is to select your Insta pictures which you want to add and fix them on the cable. Make sure you do this safely – you can make a small hole in the upper corner of each pic and put a string through & put it over the cable. And done, your real-life Instagram wall is ready. ?

Creative Ways to Use Your Travel Pictures

Decorate Your Wall With Your Travel Pics

Refresh your interior with a new set of pictures from your best trips. Whether you use some of your older frames or if you order new ones, it will freshen up the room.

Find a few matching photo frames, or get creative and decorate them yourself. Then, print your travel pics and set up the frames on the wall. 

Tip: If the frames are big you can print your photos in black and white so they won’t have bad quality. 

Place the frames on the wall in a creative way and enjoy your new memory wall. ?

Creative Ways to Use Your Travel Pictures

Create Personalized Drink Coasters

Use your travel pics to make cool coasters for your home. 

Select the pictures you want to use and edit them a little to make them more punchy. The pictures can get a little faded in the process so the edit will keep them punchier.

Get a few tiles (bakes clay, wood or cork works best) and glue the pictures on them. Leave them to dry for a while but put something heavy on them so the pictures will stick to the tiles. Be careful not to slide them. Finally, spray some clear acrylic spray over them to make them water-resistant.

Sip your coffee with a drop of summer. ☕

Creative Ways to Use Your Travel Pictures

Make Your Refrigerator Cooler

As the refrigerator is usually kept in a common space, it’s the perfect item to remind you of all the cool times you traveled. If you like holding onto small items from your trips, such as entrance tickets, postcards or travel magnets, you will like this idea even more.

Gather all your magnets, small items that remind you of places you visited and print a few pictures you took. Use the magnets to attach everything else to your fridge and you’re ready! 

If you don’t keep any of these things, you can simply print your pictures from your trips and stick magnets to foreign coins. Make sure you clean the coins thoroughly before you use them for your project. ?

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