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A Guide to Fuerteventura Island

Fuerteventura island is the first choice for those who like surfing or want to try out other wind sports. Even though there are strong winds on the island, it is still a good choice for a memorable beach holiday. More importantly, Fuerteventura has white-sandy beaches, beautiful cliffs and sheltered coves which make the views even more outstanding.

Fuerteventura island


The island is located in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Africa. In fact, Fuerteventura island is the second largest from the Canary Archipelago. As the island belongs to Spain and has been declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO, its capital is Puerto del Rosario.

Fuerteventura island
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The best time to go

In summer, the average temperature is about 28° Celsius degrees (82.4° Fahrenheit), but it can also drop to 20° Celsius degrees (68° Fahrenheit). During the winter months, the average temperature is around 22° Celsius degrees (71.6° Fahrenheit). Sometimes, the temperature can fall under 18° Celsius degrees (64.4° Fahrenheit).

On the other hand, prices are higher in July and August. These are the most preferred months for holidays. Thus, it might be better if you plan your holiday in spring or early summer.

Fuerteventura island
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Unique Experiences on Fuerteventura Island

Sit back on the Corralejo beach and explore Natural Park

The Natural Park lays along the beach of Corralejo. Moreover, the beach is about 10 km long, so it’s one of the most preferred places for windsurfers and kiteboarders.

Fuerteventura island
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Enjoy yourself on the El Cotillo beach

The beach is a good place for those who are seeking for an adventurous holiday. Along the beach are numerous bars and places for shopping. Also, the El Cotillo beach is a popular surfing destination.

Fuerteventura island
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Relax on the Isla de Lobos and hike on the Caldera Mountains

Take a boat to the Isla de Lobos and enjoy yourself. You can either have a relaxing lunch with a beautiful view or you can hike around the island. If you want to do something more challenging, you can try diving, snorkeling or surfing.

Private Boat Tour to Lobos Island from Corralejo

Fuerteventura island
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Find out interesting facts about salt from the Salt Museum

The Salt Museum is located at the entrance of a small fishing village, called Las Salinas del Carmen. If you are curious about how the salt is extracted from the sea and you would like to find out more about its importance, don’t miss it!

Fuerteventura island
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Visit the Sculpture Park

In Puerto del Rosario are around 100 sculptures made by different artists. Mostly they were created for the International Symposium of Sculpture.

Fuerteventura island
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Watch the squirrels

You can find lots of cute squirrels in Fuerteventura. The Barbary Squirrels are among the few animals on the island.

Fuerteventura island
Taste the goat cheese and the seafood

And finally, seafood and goat cheese from Fuerteventura. These are famous worldwide for their amazing taste. Try them out!

Fuerteventura Food Tour

Fuerteventura island
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Tours and activities

Go scuba diving in the turquoise waters – 4-Dive Scuba Adventure in Fuerteventura

Explore the island in a buggy – Buggy Tour of Fuerteventura

Capture unique moments from your holiday – Pirate Themed Photoshoot in Fuerteventura

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