5 Tips for Happy Family Travels

Planning a Family Holiday

Family travels can easily turn from dreamy to disastrous. We’ve put together this article for you with advice about planning a family holiday. See below our tips for organizing a family holiday that will involve everyone & that will definitely be fun. Read our advice below and keep your family travels 100% fun for every member. ??
Planning a Family Holiday 5 Tips for Happy Family Travels

1. Choose the Destination Together

When it comes to planning a family holiday, try to include every member when you’re choosing the destination. It will be fun to point on the map together and plan the holiday. Also, this way you will make sure that everyone will love the destination and will be looking forward to hop off.

Try to avoid long flights, book your seats in time so you can sit together and label your luggage to find all of it easily.

Planning a Family Holiday 5 Tips for Happy Family Travels

2. Research Your Accommodation

A hotel might sound like a handy, stress-free option but it might not be the best place to go with children. You will have to find connected rooms, make sure they are safe enough for children and also if there is a pool and if children are allowed in it.

Try to stay in an apartment instead. You can all view it online beforehand and it will be easier to watch over the kids and have some family fun after sightseeing/beach day. Also, you can prepare healthy snacks and breakfast easily.

Planning a Family Holiday 5 Tips for Happy Family Travels

3. Plan but Don’t over Plan

Make an idea of what you want to visit and do once you’re on holiday. Try to mix activities to make sure everyone will enjoy them. An art gallery might sound fun for you but your kids might get bored.

When planning a family holiday, try to choose the activities together and make some kind of schedule. This way everyone will be aware of what you will be doing and how much time you will allocate for each activity. Pre-book activities to make sure you won’t lose time and the kids won’t lose their temper while staying in long lines.

Don’t over plan because it will be hard to stick to it. Try to leave enough time to get from one place to another as you might want to make some quick stops in between.

Planning a Family Holiday 5 Tips for Happy Family Travels

4. Pack Wisely

This is a hard one. Do you want to pack everything yourself to make sure it’s just the necessary? Or do you want your kids to learn to be responsible?

Try to mix the two, let them pack a smaller bag for the road so you can pack the necessities. Or pack together but make sure to explain calmly why you can’t take some of the items so next time they will know.

Don’t forget the home comforts: favorite blanket might come in handy when they miss home, so will the favorite toy for a good night’s sleep.

Planning a Family Holiday 5 Tips for Happy Family Travels

5. Make Memories

This might sound obvious but seriously, have fun! Take lots of pics, buy souvenirs so they remember the awesome time they had. Try to be positive and keep them entertained because tricky situations also make good memories.

Most importantly, go on as many holidays as you can. Research shows that families bond better on holidays and that children’s earliest memories are from family holidays.

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