Ready Set Holiday! Team Exploring Prague

Prague City Break – Sightseeing & Conference

Yes, you read that correctly! This year we’ve been counting down to our Prague city break. We spent a few days in this beautiful city visiting the top attractions and participating at a top-notch conference for mobile developers.

Prague City Break

We love traveling, so we organize a city break-style team building each year. This year we chose the beautiful city of Prague. It was the perfect opportunity for our team to enjoy a few days together. Also, we got to learn cool stuff at the mDevCamp conference and get inspiration for future features for “Ready Set Holiday!” app.

Prague City Break

So, was our Prague city break a success? Definitely, Prague in one word is charming. The small fairytale-like streets, the bohemian atmosphere and its medieval heart made the city really unique.

The Prague city break – style team building was amazing. We wandered around the city, mostly in the Old Town as we wanted to see the top attractions.

Prague City Break

Prague Castle & Upper Town

To get up to the Castle you have to walk up a few stairs. Once you get to the top you can really enjoy the view. Of course, the view is even better along with a coffee or lemonade. ☕

Prague City Break

The road up to the castle is also really beautiful. You’ll get in a medieval atmosphere as you walk your way up on the small streets. There are a few stairs on the way up but you can stop once in a while and look back to admire the views.

Prague City Break

As you arrive, you will see lots of “official” buildings. As this is the current president’s residence and everything is close by. It’s better to arrive before 12 o’clock to see the changing of the guards. We arrived a bit early but stayed at a cafe until it was time to go see the ceremony.

Prague City Break

Charles Bridge & Old Town

The Charles Bridge is the connection between the Prague Castle and the Old Town through the Vltava River. The 15th-century bridge is famous all around the world and it is the top attraction is the city.

The bridge is made out of stone and has on each sides statues of saints. There are various artists and souvenir stalls from where you can buy a souvenir. Stop for a while here and enjoy the view of the castle and along the Vltava river.

Prague City Break

We continued our way down to the old Town through another set of small, beautiful streets. We got to the Old Town Square, but unfortunately, the Astronomical clock was in reconstruction so it was covered up.

Prague City Break

We could, however, see how it usually works as there was a screen. But it was a bit sad that we couldn’t see the figures in action at full hour.

When we arrived in the Old Town there a local band was singing so we stayed at the concert for a while.

Prague City Break

Apple Museum

We love apps and everything to do with apps, so when we saw the Apple Museum in the Old Town, we had to check it out. There were lots of computers from as early as 1992, also iPads, iPhones and Apple Watches from their early days.

Prague City Break

Another interesting part of the museum was the private collection of Steve Jobs. His motorbike, clothes, watch and even his armchair was exposed.

Prague City Break

Beer Museum

Here we found out more about Czech beer, how it’s made, in which part of the country and how it gets to the museum.

The museum had a collection of 30 regional craft beers so we sat down at their pub and tasted a few. Also, you could make your own beer at the museum.

Prague City Break

Along the Vltava

If you just want to relax and enjoy the views, go on a walk along the Vltava River. It crosses the city centre so you can enjoy the surroundings, especially the Prague Castle on the hill.

There are many riverside cafes to chill but you can always take a boat tour and enjoy the views right from the river.

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