Feed Your Wanderlust: Recreate Your Favorite Food From Your Holidays

It’s summer, the weather is hot & sunny and we can’t help but daydream of a beautiful beach, an exotic jungle or an eventful city break. But what does this have to do with recreating your favourite food from your holidays?

Well, we already know that half the travel experience is the food…so is it fair to say that we’re halfway there if we recreate our favourite dishes from our holidays? ?

Probably not but since we’re not able to travel like we used to, we’ve found a way to bring some “holiday flavour” to your plate. 

See below a selection of dishes from some of our community’s favourite destinations and let’s create a yummy throwback to your holiday. Happy cooking!

Recreate Your Favorite Food From Your Holidays

Tapas | Spain

When I hear tapas, I immediately think of a fun gathering with friends on a sunny day, enjoying a glass of Sangria somewhere near the sea. I believe this is one of those dishes which brings people together and just creates a good mood.  

Tapas can be served any time as an appetizer and you can get really creative with what you put on the tapas dish. In Spain, depending on the region, tapas can be quite different but the good news is that you can adapt it to whatever you want it to be.

A Spanish tapas dish usually has some of the following: Spanish ham, chorizo, cheese (fried or fresh), croquettes (deep-fried bites with ham & cheese), seafood paella, seafood (mussels, squids, calamari, prawns), tortilla (Spanish omelette), patatas bravas, peppers (roasted/stuffed), pickled items on a skewer (olives, onion, carrots and sometimes anchovy).

You can easily recreate this dish at home and enjoy it with your loved ones on a sunny day along with a glass of Sangria. Olé! ?

Recreate Your Favorite Food From Your Holidays

Moussaka | Greece

Since the Greek Islands are one of the top destinations in our community and they’re indeed a great place for a summer holiday, let’s talk about their Moussaka. ?

Growing up in the Balkans, I had a lot of moussaka throughout the years but none of those was as good as the one I ate in Greece. It was the perfect amount of creamy, delicious mouthwatering piece of moussaka.

The good news is that I found an original Greek recipe from chef Akis Petretzikis Chef. Here’s the video with instructions on how to make a healthy, traditional Greek moussaka at your home. 

This is an authentic recipe and as promised by the chef, your moussaka will be creamy and delicious. Ready? ?

Recreate Your Favorite Food From Your Holidays

Pesto Pasta | Italy

Super easy to prepare and super delicious, the pesto pasta is a dish with deep Italian roots. Pesto originates from the city of Genova, where it had been used for centuries. 

Pesto is made of crushed basil leaves, virgin olive oil, cheese, garlic, salt and, sometimes, nuts. The result is a creamy paste which makes your pasta super tasty, flavorful and easy to prepare.

There are many types of pesto on the market but you can also choose to make your own for a fresher experience.

Check out the recipe and enjoy your meal!

Feed your wanderlust

Baklava | Turkey

For all the good times spent discovering beautiful places in Turkey, here’s a sweet throwback idea: homemade Baklava. 

The chances are small but if you’re not familiar with Baklava, it is a sweet Turkish pastry made of layers of filo, filled with nuts and sweetened with honey and Baklava syrup. In Turkey, depending on the region, Baklava can be made with walnuts, pistachio, hazelnut or almond filling so you can get creative here.

If you’re craving something sweet and yummy, we definitely recommend it. So, are you ready for a sweet treat? Here’s an easy recipe for Turkish baklava.

Feed your wanderlust

Queijadas de Sintra | Portugal

These small Portuguese cakes are a delight! Queijadas are sweet cheesecake tarts originating from the Sintra region, in Portugal. The tarts are a combination of cheese, eggs, milk, flour, sugar, cinnamon and, sometimes, flavours such as orange or coconut are added too. 

Queijadas date back to the medieval times when they were used as a payment method due to the fresh Portuguese cheese. Today, they can be found in most of the bakeries throughout the country. 

Queijadas go super well with a cup of espresso. Try baking them at home, here’s the recipe.

Ready to get cooking? We hope you like the selection of recipes and that you try them out yourself to create a #throwback to tasting your favourite food from your holidays. ?

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