10 Best Ski Tech and Gadgets You Will Want This Winter

We are in the winter season, so if you are preparing for a ski trip, read below to see how can you update your gear with the latest ski tech and gadgets. ?

As technology is getting better and better, we have more tools to help us learn and be more efficient at the same time. This also applies to sports, where new gadgets and smart accessories are starting to appear on the market.

See our suggestions for cool ski tech and gadgets which will help you learn to ski, ski easier and have more fun on the slopes. ?

1. Digital Ski Instructor

Carv is a smart, digital ski instructor & tracer which helps you improve your skiing in real-time. This ski tech comes as two insoles that go into your ski boots and two tracers that are attached to your boots & connect to the Carv app. 

The insoles measure 35 metrics in real-time, including symmetry, balance and direction. You can see your personal stats in the app. The app also shows your progress and helps you improve your skiing technique. The digital ski instructor gives you real-time feedback thanks to the insoles with over 50 pressure and motion points. You can improve your position, angles and techniques as you head down the slopes.

Carv started out as a Kickstarter campaign and since then, it was tested and used for training by the US and UK Olympic ski teams. This ski tech is super reliable – it analyses your skiing and gives feedback. All this, based on the techniques of the best skiers in the world. Moreover, Carv users stated that their skiing improved in a matter of hours. Amazing, right? ?

The price starts from $249, you can check them out here.  

10 Best Ski Tech and Gadgets You Will Want This Winter
Image from kjus.com

2. Warm Gloves with Bluetooth Headset

KJUS is a Norwegian sportswear company focusing on developing quality sports products. The company is renowned for its good ski wear and recently, we’ve discovered the KJUS Gloves to be really cool for the slopes for many reasons.

First, these gloves come with a built-in Bluetooth headset that lets you access your phone with the gloves. If you are like me and can’t stay too much away from your phone (even on the slopes) this will come in super handy. You won’t need to take off your gloves every time your phone rings, you can simply check who’s calling on the display and answer it with your gloves. 

Second, the gloves are waterproof and have a waterproof speaker so you won’t need to worry about ruining your new ski tech. Also, the built-in microphone is noise cancelling so your conversations will be hassle-free. The KJUS gloves are made from premium leather and will keep you warm thanks to the Fast Thermo Core technology.

The gloves cost $380 and you can get them from here.

10 Best Ski Tech and Gadgets You Will Want This Winter
Image from abom.com

3. Goggles with Anti-Fog Tech

You find it annoying when your goggles get foggy and you can’t see clearly on the slopes? Update your ski gear with the Abom Heet Goggles and you won’t have this problem anymore. The goggles have anti-fog technology to keep your vision clear while skiing.

Abom Heet integrated the anti-fog technology by placing a heat conductive film inside double polycarbonate lenses. This way the lenses are warm all the time and don’t get foggy so you can enjoy your time on the slopes.

While you’re on the slopes, you won’t have trouble in different lighting conditions. The goggles have auto-adjusting brightness so you will be able to concentrate on the sport instead of constantly adjusting your glasses. 

Abom Heet Goggles cost $289, check them out here.

10 Best Ski Tech and Gadgets You Will Want This Winter
Image from wolffepack.com

4. For All Your Ski Tech: A Backpack With Easy Access

Wolffepack is a backpack that has lots of features that will make your life easier when skiing. If you always have lots of stuff to take to the slopes and they don’t all fit in your pockets, you definitely need to update your ski gear with this.

The coolest feature is the easy front access. This comes in handy whenever you want to get something out on the slopes or sit down on the chairlift. To use the easy front access you just release a handle and swing the backpack to the front, then pull the handle to put it back on your back. Cool, right?

Wolffepack has high padding inside the back section so it will protect your back. We like the fact that it is a hydration-ready backpack with an integrated bladder pocket, perfect for a day on the slopes. Plus, it has a locking system to ensure safety on the slopes.

See the summit backpack here for $192.

10 Best Ski Tech and Gadgets You Will Want This Winter
Image from ministryofsupply.com

5. Stylish Heated Jacket

This heated jacket is the ultimate ski tech you need to stay warm on the slopes. If you’re like me and you’re constantly a bit cold in winter, this is a dream come true.

The Mercury jacket from Ministry of Supply uses AI to learn your preferences and automatically heat to your optimal temperature. The jacket has an external battery which goes into one of the pockets and is connected to the jacket with a cable. The heater device takes into account the outside temperature, your body temperature and the activity you are doing so that you will be just perfectly warm. The jacket connects with an app so that you can control the heat.

Mercury is stylish and has several pockets. The jacket is also waterproof and windproof so you can enjoy every moment outside. Also, you can charge your phone in your pocket.

The jacket is $495 take a look here.

10 Best Ski Tech and Gadgets You Will Want This Winter
Image from pocsports.com

6. Safety Helmet with High-Quality Sound & Music

The POC Auric Communication helmet ensures your safety while you’re on the slopes but it also keeps you entertained & connected with your friends, thanks to the integrated speaker and mic.

The helmet protects you from eventual impacts on the slopes by using multi-impact EEP (Expanded Polypropylene) as the core material combined with an ABS shell. To ensure good comfort, you can adjust the helmet’s ventilation according to the weather conditions outside and clip your goggles inside or outside, however you find it comfortable.

Enjoy the high-quality sound and music due to the integrated speakers & mic or keep in touch with your friends to discuss meeting points and plans.

Purchase here for $317.

7. GoPro Camera to Record All the Fun Moments

We all know the GoPro cameras – they are small, light, qualitative and perfect for capturing moments in motion. They are wearable, shock resistant and waterproof so you can easily record all the amazing moments you spend on the slopes.

While you’re enjoying your day, you can capture quality photos and videos due to its 4K wide-angle camera. Track your speed, distance, elevation and connect the camera to the app to add GPS stickers. The Hero 7 camera lets you make short clips, time-lapses and slow-motion videos to enjoy fully all the moments you capture.

The camera is super easy to handle with the touchscreen display and voice control. Moreover, you can record vertical videos and share them directly to your Instagram stories from the GoPro app.

See all the specifications here.

10 Best Ski Tech and Gadgets You Will Want This Winter
Image from kymirasport.com

8. Comfy Compression Socks for Long Ski Sessions

The Kymira Infrared Compression socks use Kynergy Infrared technology and muscular compression to improve performance and speed up recovery. This technology increases oxygenation and glycogen storage in the blood to help you perform longer.

The socks are perfect for skiing, they have cushioned heels and toes so they ensure good comfort. Also, they are tall enough so they run out of the ski boots and they have compression bands throughout the calf to increase the recovery process.

Buy them here for $45.

10 Best Ski Tech and Gadgets You Will Want This Winter
Image from snocru.com

9. Skiing App to Measures Your Progress & More

Use Snocru app to measure your progress on the slopes and see stats for each run on your smartphone or smartwatch when skiing. See your progress after each skiing session, check the leaderboard and compete with your friends.

Snocru app has an advanced tracking technology to measure your speed, distance, altitude, vertical gain/descent and your current slope’s angle. The app works offline as also so you don’t have to worry about too much data consumption, just enjoy your day on the slopes.

The app also shows information about the ski resorts, it has a summary of the conditions, snowfall and weather of your resort. Moreover, you can set up a CRU and ask your friends to join and compare results with each other. 

Download it before you head to the slopes. ⛷

10 Best Ski Tech and Gadgets You Will Want This Winter
Image from skiresort.info

10. Helpful Info About Your Resort in One App

Get to know everything about your ski resort with the help of Skiresort app. This app has all the details you need for a good day of skiing. It has information such as details about the slopes’ length, altitude, difficulty, opening times, lifts and ski pass prices.

Skiresort app shows you the weather and snow conditions from your resort. Also, it helps you plan your routes with a comprehensive map and details about how to get around.

Download the app and start preparing for an amazing day on the slopes.

Your equipment can help you a lot but it can also slow you down. I think it’s important to have good gear and ski tech is getting better and better every year, helping you focus and enjoy the sport itself rather than constantly adjusting your equipment. ?

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