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Gran Canaria Island

Gran Canaria island is an important cruise stop from the Canaries but also a popular beach holiday destination. It gathers around 3,6 million tourists every year. In fact, it is the second most populous from the Canaries.

Read below the top attractions and things to do on the island.

Gran Canaria island
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Gran Canaria island is located in the Atlantic Ocean. It is closer to the northwestern coast of Africa than to Europe. The southern part of the island is preferred for holidays because it is warmer and sunnier. The western part, though, is rockier and has trails through the mountains.

Gran Canaria island
The best time to visit

First of all, Gran Canaria island is a year-round destination. Temperatures almost never drop under 18 ºCelsius degrees (64.4 º Fahrenheit), not even in winter.

During summer the average temperature is around 26–28 ºCelsius degrees (79–82 ºFahrenheit). Still, in winter the temperature can get as high as 24 ºCelsius degrees (75.2 ºFahrenheit).

After all, autumn might be the best time to go. While there is enough sunshine, also the sea is at its warmest, around 22–24 ºCelsius degrees (71.6–75.2 ºFahrenheit).

Gran Canaria island

Unique experiences in Gran Canaria

Climb the Roque Nublo

The volcanic rock from the island is considered a holy monument and a pillar of heaven. The highest point is 1,949 m called Pico de las Nieves. In fact, there is a lot of history around this place. The rock used to be a sacrifice place to the sun god.

Trekking Tour to Roque Nublo in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria island
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Visit “Little Venice”

Puerto de Mogan is a beautiful place on the southwestern coast of Gran Canaria. The port is called “Little Venice” due to its many canals and bridges.

There are various restaurants and bars. Also, the beach has excellent gold sand, making it a perfect family holiday destination. Moreover, you can admire the underwater life of the island while snorkeling.

Gran Canaria island
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Spend some time in Vegueta

Walk around the historical neighbourhood which is now Las Palmas town. Here, you can take a look at its historical buildings: Casa de Colon, Museo Canario or Santa Ana Cathedral.

Vegueta Walking Tour Including Canarian Tapas

Gran Canaria island
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Bandama Caldera

The Bandama Caldera is a 200 meters deep volcanic crater, part of the Taifa Protected Landscape. Here, you can see a few botanic species of the Canary Islands. Also, you can see volcanic ash as the land made of it.

Las Palmas Shore Excursion: Private Volcanic Caldera, Teror Village and Wine-Tasting Tour

Gran Canaria island
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