Top 9 Experiences in Thailand

Thailand Travel Guide

We’ve prepared the Thailand travel guide to help you choose the top destinations & experiences in the country.

Whether if you are looking for a simple but memorable trip or you’re longing for something remarkable, Thailand will do it. ?

So, why choose Thailand as your holiday destination for 2018? Because it’s warm, exotic and welcoming. It has a very different culture, lots of temples, beautiful beaches, but also yummy food & fruits to enjoy. Plus, you can drink from a coconut, just like in the movies. ?

Read below our Thailand travel guide and find out more about the country.

Thailand Travel Guide - Top 9 Experiences in Thailand 9

A Thailand Travel Guide About One of 2018’s Top Travel Destinations

Thailand is a dynamic country. If you go, chances are you are going to have a lot of fun enjoying the country’s culture, nightlife, beaches, food and much more.

The New Year’s celebrations take place in April. So, if you want to organize a fun Spring break, make sure to travel around the 13th and 15th of April when Songkran takes place. During this time, there are lots of parties and tourist crowds, but there is a lot of fun as also.

If you are not the party type, you can still give Thailand a try in May, when the weather is great (because the weather is great all-year round) and the prices lower.

As I said before, Thailand is a destination for any kind of travelers. You can spend your trip backpacking around Thailand, staying in cheap rooms (3–4 Euros/night). Or, you could be enjoying luxury parties and staying in high-priced resorts. Your trip should be about what you like and how you want to remember your Thai experience.

So, we gathered the coolest places to visit and things to try out. Check out our Thailand travel guide below. You will find suggestions for great cultural experiences but also relaxing, fun & unique things to do. ?

Thailand Travel Guide - Top 9 Experiences in Thailand 9

1. Spend Some Time Visiting the Ancient Capital

Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Siam is located at the confluence of 3 rivers, on an island 80 km north to Bangkok. You can take a look at how people used to live, admire ruins of ancient temples, palaces and Buddha statues.

Entrance to the temples from the island cost around 6–7 Euros and there is no dress code required.

Off the island: you can experience the authentic Thai market at Chao Phrom.

2. Explore The Heart of the Thai Kingdom

Located in the heart of Bangkok, the Grand Palace is the former residence of Thai Kings and currently the most popular tourist attractions.

If you are interested in Thai culture and history, you should definitely visit it. The spiritual heart of the Thai Kingdom is filled with artworks, royal residences, throne halls, government offices and Buddhist temples.

The Grand Palace is nowadays used only for ceremonies. But, there is a dress code at the gate: no bare feet, no uncovered legs or shoulders.

3. Taste Local Goodies at the Floating Markets

The biggest fully functional floating market is the Damnoen Saduak. Nowadays it has become quite a tourist attraction. So, if you want to avoid the boat traffic, you have to wake up early in the market.

The market is the biggest one, you can observe traditional Thai houses. More importantly, you can shop clothing, fruits, vegetables, freshly cooked street food and refreshing drinks.

Thailand Travel Guide - Top 9 Experiences in Thailand 9

4. Take a Short Trip to the Umbrella Village

Get to know how traditional bamboo umbrellas are made. Bo Sang village, where the manually painted paper umbrellas are made is located close to Chiang Mai. You might have heard of it as the Umbrella Village.

Here you can see how these umbrellas are made and purchase traditional ones with floral motif or personalized design.


5. Admire The White Temple

Wat Rong Khun or the White Temple is not the traditional Thai temple. Its design is contemporary and its white color reflects Buddha’s pure nature. Moreover, the temple has an art exhibition and it is also a centre for meditation and learning.

Foreigners have to pay 1,5 Euros to enter the temple and there is a dress code required.


6. Lounge On the Best Beaches

Instead of going to Phuket or Koh Phi Phi, head to Koh Lanta — a less popular but beautiful island where you can avoid the crowded, touristy beaches and enjoy a relaxing holiday.

So, it’s a fact, there is always good weather is Thailand but there is an “official” holiday season which runs from October to April.

The best beaches are considered to be on the southern and western part of the island. Furthermore, the water is clear and you can to snorkel or scuba dive. Bamboo beach is one of these — you can lounge, swim or try out water sports.

Also, make sure to try out Thai seafood. Pay attention to the places where locals eat, they know where are the best places are to try out fresh, mouthwatering seafood.

7. Nuat Thai — The Massage You Must Have

Probably you have already heard of the popular Thai massages. You can find many places around the country, both in the cities and on the beaches too.

In addition, Thai massages are known to be very relaxing because they stretch the body and work on your pressure points. Unlike other massages, Thai ones are very cheap, they cost around 4 Euros.

Thailand Travel Guide

8. Celebrate the Full Moon With a Beach Party

Every full moon is celebrated with a big party on the beaches of Koh Phangan. It is said that a group of tourists once realized that in Koh Phangan was the most beautiful full moon. As a result, they threw a party in celebration.

Since then, every full moon is celebrated by lighting thousands of lamps, music and dancing. In fact, around 10.000–30.000 people participate at these parties nowadays.


9. Hike to the Most Beautiful Falls in Thailand

The National Park is named after the three-headed white elephant, Erawan because the waterfalls are said to resemble the mythological creature.

Therefore, the highlight of the Erawan National Park is the Erawan waterfall. This consists of a seven-tiered cascade, each surrounded by emerald green vegetation. If you plan to visit be prepared for a mini hike.


So, are you using the Thailand travel guide soon? Let us know in the comments if you are thinking about traveling here. ?

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