9 Things You Always Forget When You Go on a Trip

Packing Tips for a Comfy and Relaxing Trip

Here are some packing tips for those of us who always say we won’t pack in the last minute. Somehow, we end up packing and running around the house before leaving, searching for this or that. This happens because the most important things we’d like to pack are also the ones we use often so we cannot possibly put them in the suitcase so soon.
It is okay not to be ready to leave 3 days before it’s time but you can easily remember everything you have to take with you with a simple list and a reminder. We gathered a few travel packing tips consisting of 9 items/things we forget to pack or to do in the fuzz. ?


Will definitely come in handy as a hygiene measure at spas, pools, shared bathrooms, hotel halls or when going to the beach. I always tend to forget them so I usually start putting items on my packing list way ahead of time and the flip flops are among the first ones.
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Sunglasses ?

You don’t want to end up whining to your fellow travelers how much the Sun hurts your eyes while sightseeing. Yes, it happened to me, so since then, I am careful to put my sunglasses in my bag so I won’t end up looking for a stall again.
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Room for souvenirs ?

Do you always find yourself packing stuff in your suitcase and then saying to yourself “Oh, look, there is a bit more room” and putting another clothing item in? I do this often. But, for a while now I’ve tried leaving a bit of room for souvenirs or cool stuff I might find hard to let go once I get to the destination. It has proved to be a useful packing tip. 
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Comfy shoes ?

Sneakers are very fashionable lately. You can wear them with anything so you don’t even have to worry about packing both comfy and casual shoes. You can just be comfortable and trendy while wandering around.

Grocery bags

Not for groceries but for wet or dirty clothes and shoes. This way you can keep your clean clothes separated from the used ones or you can hit the beach a bit before you leave without worrying about the wet clothes.
Travel Packing Tips RSH - 9-Things-You-Always-Forget-When-You-Go-on-a-Trip

Reservations & tickets ?

Many attractions can be visited only by making a reservation or purchasing tickets in time. It is best if you do this in time so you will avoid long lines and stick to your schedule. ?
Travel Packing Tips RSH - 9-Things-You-Always-Forget-When-You-Go-on-a-Trip

Weighing your luggage ?

Don’t just assume that your luggage isn’t heavier than it is permitted by the airline, weigh it. This way you will know for sure that you won’t have to let go of some things at the airport. Plus, if you are at the limit, it is probably best to get rid of a thing or to, so you can bring home goodies from your holiday.

Using the name tag ?

Use the name tag on your suitcase to write your name, phone and address. In case your suitcase gets lost at the airport, it will be much easier to recover your luggage.
Travel Packing Tips RSH - 9-Things-You-Always-Forget-When-You-Go-on-a-Trip-2

Document copies ?

Yes, I know, you always keep an eye on your wallet/purse but you never know what happens, so it is best to have a copy. You can either make a physical copy and keep it in a different luggage or just scan them and send an email to yourself.
These are our packing tips for a comfy and relaxing trip, all gathered in one place. We hope they will help you pack easier for your next trip. Also, one last piece of advice: if you do forget something, don’t be stressed; what you forget, you can buy once you arrive.
Happy travels! ?
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