2 Million THANK YOUs

Celebrating 2 Million App Downloads 

2 Million THANK YOUs

This month we’ve reached a new, exciting milestone: 2 million app downloads

This wouldn’t have happened without you, so we are here to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has downloaded and used the app for making this day possible! 

We are so grateful to have found 2 million other people who share the same passion with us – travelling. When we first developed the “Ready Set Holiday!” app was because we love travelling. We wanted to make an app which could bring happiness and be useful to people who were preparing for an upcoming holiday.

Our team is travelling together at least once a year when we go to our city break style team building and we always set the app because it brings us joy. And this is what we wanted to achieve, we wanted people to have an app which brings them joy. 

We wanted “Ready Set Holiday!” to be used because it makes its users happy and it keeps on the excitement for their upcoming holiday. We love the thrill and excitement an holiday brings and we definitely love that our app represents this.. 

However, we wouldn’t be here without you today. We’ve been focusing on growing our app organically since we developed it back in 2012. It has changed a lot throughout the years, both its looks and features have been improved and it’s all thanks to you. You helped us get here by sharing your thoughts, expectations and wishes so that we could develop the app you love today.

Celebrating 2 million app downloads is a dream come true for us. We are thankful to have you here and we look forward to celebrate 3 million downloads with you!

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