Holi Festival

Holi Festival – When and where?

Holi Festival, also known as the festival of colors, was originally celebrated in India by the Hindus. In the meantime, other countries took over the celebration. Now, the festival of colors is a worldwide event.

Holi takes places the day after the full moon of March and it marks the beginning of spring.

Holi Festival


The festival is a 2-day celebration. It is divided to Jalanewali Holi and Rangwali Holi.

The Jalanewali is the first day of the festival. After sunset, a big bonfire is made of bamboo and grass, and it is lit to fire. This symbolizes Holika’s death. Holika is a female demon who’d been burnt so the good could win over the evil.

The Rangwali is the second day of the festival. To celebrate the beginning of Spring, people play with colored powder. And they also throw water at friends and family. Of course, everybody is welcome to participate. But, you have to be careful if people throw colors at you. Also, try to remain calm and enjoy the festival.

A bit of history

Holi is the celebration of good winning over evil. In fact, Holi is linked to the legend of Prahlad and Holika. These were the children of the demon king Hiranyakashipu. One day the king asked his children to sit in the fire with him. So they did, but only Holika burned, Prahlad come out of fire unharmed. Therefore, to emphasize the victory of good over evil, Holi is commemorated every year.

Holi Festival

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