Ready, Set, April! – Spring Break Ideas

Spring Break Ideas

Where are you spending your spring holiday? We looked up cool things to do in the following period we have some amazing spring break ideas for you.

Have a look and let us know in the comments where you’d like to go!

spring break ideas

See the Cherry Blossoms in China 🌸

In Beijing, in the Yuyuantan Park are more than 20 species of cherry trees, so if you go from April to early May you’ll be seeing lots of shades of pink. The view is beautiful and the Cherry Blossom Culture Festival is an amazing choice this time of the year.

You can enjoy the view from the cafes in the park or from a boat.

spring break ideas

Go to the King’s Birthday in the Netherlands 👑🎉

Koningsdag or King’s Day takes place between 27th and 28th of April. The date marks the birthday of King Willem — Alexander, the monarch of the Netherlands.

Orange is the national color and it marks the house of Orange — Nassau. People dress in orange clothes to show pride to the royal family. They call it oranjegekte, which means orange madness.

There are many concerts and special events taking place during these two days. Live music is being played on the streets and public squares of Amsterdam but the best spots are on the packed decorated boats on the canals of the city.

Another remarkable event is the world’s biggest flea market happening during this time. People sell their second-hand goods on the streets and parks of Amsterdam.

spring break ideas
Credits: Alan Paone — Sunset, CC BY 2.0 (

Have some fun at Coachella 🎼

Coachella is one of the most famous festivals in the United States of America. It takes place in Indio, California right in the Colorado Desert. The first edition took place in 1999, shortly after Woodstock.

The line-up is extraordinary, both popular and emerging artists are invited to perform at the festival. Besides the music, the festival has lots of visual arts exposed, such as art installations and sculptures.

This year, Coachella, will be held over two weekends. The first part of the festival is scheduled for the 14th — 16th of April, as the second one for the 21st–23rd of April.

spring break ideas
Credits: JJ Harrison Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 (

Celebrate the New Year…again! 🎆

Songkran is the celebration of the New Year in Thailand. Its literal translation is “astrological passage” and it means transformation or change.

Between the 13th and 15th of April people will be visiting local temples & offering food to Buddhist monks, which is called merit-making. Most importantly, they go home to the smaller towns to visit their families.

Don’t worry, you will still catch the New Year spirit in Bangkok or Chang Mai, where the biggest celebrations take place and where a lot of tourists arrive during this time.

The most interesting for the tourists is the water fight in the streets of Thailand. This used to be a part of the merit-making tradition but over the years it has changed.

Initially, the young people from the country poured water into the hands of the elderly to wash away the bad luck. Pouring water on Buddha statues is also an iconic ritual. Nowadays people celebrate in the street and throw water at each other. Don’t miss the water fight!

Did you like our spring break ideas? Where you’d you like to go next? Tell us in the comments.

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